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Archio appointed as architects for Angel Yard

We’ve hired community-led housing experts to help us design our future home

Angel Yard’s future residents have brought Archio on board as project architects for our sustainable cohousing development.

London-based architects Archio, specialise in community housing projects. They have previously worked with residents in Lewisham and Greenwich, running empowering consultations and planning sessions around the introduction of Community Land Trusts in these areas, which seek to develop affordable new housing developments.

Mellis Haward, Director of Archio has led on many of the practice’s housing and community projects. She has expertise in Urban Design, Listed Buildings and Planning Policy. Mellis has a particular interest in community engagement and design workshops. She says:

Working with the Angel Yard Cohousing Association and TOWN is a dream project for Archio, and we are thrilled and humbled to have been chosen as their architects. The concept of the home as a private domestic space from which we launch our collective lives into the city is enduring, but to only see homes in this light is an oversimplification, one that has resulted in the generic, standardised nature of much new housing. We are therefore so excited to work collaboratively with the Association and TOWN to create a cohousing community which is sustainable and communal, demonstrating that this model of living should be a more mainstream choice.

Mellis will be working with us to draw up our plans for Angel Yard, ahead of submitting designs to Norwich City Council in spring 2021.

For more information, visit The Project.

For press enquiries, visit Resources and Press.


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