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Joining and
buying a home

How to get involved


Are you interested in joining our cohousing project and buying a property? If so, click on the button below, leave your details on our form and we'll get back to you. Once we have your details we can keep you informed about what's happening. Things are moving quite fast just now! 

Next steps

If you considering joining Angel Yard and buying a home with us, we recommend that you do as many of the following steps as you can. We don't choose you, but we want you to choose us in full understanding of what's involved, how our project works, the expectations of you as a resident, and the financial implications for you and your household.

  • Read everything on this website

  • Come to one of our Introductory Meetings on Zoom 

  • Visit Norwich if you can, see the site and meet some of our members for a coffee

  • If you can't visit Norwich, arrange an online meeting

  • Email or phone with your questions

  • Read the purchase procedure 

  • Visit other (built) cohousing schemes if they have open days

  • Read up about cohousing - there are books, links, and youtube videos to watch, plus network organisations in the UK, US, Australia etc. The UK Cohousing Network is a good place to start:

Have a question?

Take a look at our FAQs page. If you can't find the answer you're looking for pop an email to and we’ll get in touch. We can chat on the phone, arrange to meet for a coffee or set up an individual Zoom meeting.

Mailing List

If you just want to follow our progress, or if you're from another cohousing group, we have a free mailing list that anyone can join to keep up to date with our project.

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