As the project develops we will be adding information for new members here

Angel Yard History

The plan for a cohousing project in Norwich started longer ago than many care to remember. For those who aren't familiar with the evolution of Angel Yard here's a potted history.

Location / site

We own a half-acre site just north of Norwich city centre, about ten minutes' walk from the market and City Hall. North city is a vibrant mix of old (mediaeval), less old (Victorian), and more recent post-war light industrial. It's an area of artists, independent businesses, young families and new arrivals. It's #nr3theplacetobe


The current draft design is for 32 properties plus communal space including a 'common house' for everyone to use, plus storage, parking and outdoor amenity space. Homes will include 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed properties, both houses and flats.


We are aiming at typical prices for similar properties in this postcode, although there will be added costs for the benefit of the communal facilities. Our members are also keen to make sure that the homes are as energy efficient as possible - this may have a premium on purchase price but will result in much lower running costs.

Purchase Procedure

Please see our Purchase Procedure document, which is still in draft form but will give an idea of the stages towards purchase:

Our Design Brief

As a group of future residents we have developed a Design Brief for our project, which outlines our wishes and values, for the professional team to implement within the constraints of the site. Once updated we will post it here.

We’re still in the planning stages, so - excitingly - there’s still time for new members to make key decisions about the way Angel Yard will look and function, and to influence the design of individual properties.


We want to build to a high standard of sustainability both for environmental reasons and to keep running costs low. We plan to create highly energy efficient homes with a low environmental footprint.


As well as private homes for families, couples and individuals, there are shared facilities that are integral to a cohousing community.

By having shared space and shared facilities, we will all benefit from those resources and reduce the need for owning all these things individually.

So far, our plans include:


  • A common house and kitchen where we can cook and share meals, and where group activities and celebrations can take place

  • Multipurpose spaces where children can play, or homeworkers can hot desk

  • A laundry, to save every household owning a washing machine

  • A workshop, complete with tools which everyone can use

  • Guest rooms, which residents can reserve if they have overnight visitors

  • A cycle store, to keep our bikes safe

  • A car share scheme, to reduce the number of cars on site

  • A communal courtyard, where neighbours can meet and children can play safely

  • An allotment near to Angel Yard, which can be used as a space to relax, socialise and grow food together.

Our plans


Find out more


We’ll be updating our website as plans for Angel Yard develop. In the meantime, take a look through our FAQS to find out more details about our properties, facilities, finance and sustainability.