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As the project develops we will be adding information here

These are the latest documents from our Planning application - August 2023

We have copied some of the key documents from our application to Norwich City Council here, for ease of access.

Planning reference: 22/00762/F

Location / site

We own a two-thirds-of-an-acre site just north of Norwich city centre, about ten minutes' walk from the market and City Hall. North City is a vibrant mix of old (mediaeval), less old (Victorian), and more recent post-war light industrial. It's an area of artists, independent businesses, young families and new arrivals. It's #nr3theplacetobe 

The site previously had planning permission for residential housing, however we have submitted a new application so that we can incorporate all the features of a sustainable cohousing development that we need. 

Our planning application is available on the Norwich City Council website with reference number:


Once you reach the 'documents' list, look for the Design and Access Statement, which has a full description of the scheme.


The design is for 34 properties plus a communal indoor space or 'common house' for everyone to use, and a shared garden.

32 of the properties will be privately owned. The houses and apartments will be fully self-contained with their own kitchens and bathrooms which means that they will be mortgageable. The apartments will be one, two and three-bed and a generous 55 to 90 square metres; the three-bed houses will be just over 100 square metres in size. All homes will be dual aspect, so there is plenty of light and ventilation, and every home has private outdoor space, whether a balcony or courtyard garden.

We will ensure that as many of the homes as possible are accessible. There will be a lift to all of the flats in the apartment blocks, and each of the flats is laid out on a single level. 

Households will have access to a number of shared pool cars and there will be space for cycle and e-bike parking, however there will not be any private car parking on site.

Our common house

A unique feature of cohousing is the Common House, a building for all residents to use, with a large dining and meeting room, guest bedrooms, laundry and storage. With a well equipped kitchen our dining hall is bright and airy with doors opening out onto the patio. 


Outside we have a landscaped  garden with room to relax, play and grow.  The small parking area for visitors' cars, pool cars and bicycles is tucked away next to a shared workshop. Both the common house and garden will be wheelchair accessible.


Our team are regularly appraising the projected prices according to current cost estimates and estate agents' advice. To give a rough idea a calculation of prices from early 2022 is below, but the construction industry is fairly turbulent at the moment so we can't guarantee that there won't be further changes. There are also several unknowns at this point, including nutrient neutrality, CIL and other possible impacts on price.

1 bed flat, 54 sqm, £250,000

2 bed flat, 74 sqm or 77 sqm, £310,000 or £330,000

3 bed ground floor flat, 92 sqm, £390,000

3 bed house, 105 or 106 sqm, £435,000 or £440,000


Every home also has access to around 200 sqm of communal facilities, and we are aiming to make the buildings as energy efficient as possible, which will result in lower running costs for residents. 

Purchase procedure

Once we have planning permission and have agreed construction costs, we can fix the prices and then homes will be available for reservation off-plan. Buyers will need to pay a reservation fee (possibly £1,000), subsequently pay the deposit (likely to be 10% of final property cost), and finally complete the purchase - pay the balance - just before moving in.

We also have two community contributions of £500 and £1000 towards shared costs, such as fitting out the common areas

Please see our Purchase Procedure document, which gives a more detailed idea of the stages towards purchase:

Angel Yard purchase procedure

Our policies

Working together, our members have started to develop a set of policies for our future community. We don't want to be a place with hundreds of rules, but at the same time if a prospective resident asks 'will I be able to...?' we need to have an answer. 

The most difficult policy was how to agree policies... so our decision-making policy came first

Decision-making policy

Common house food policy

Parking policy

Decisions when absent and Agenda Policy

Smoking and vaping policy

Neighbourliness in Times of Need Policy

After a lot of input from members and codesign with our architects, we have submitted our planning application. This is a major step for the group and we are now waiting and hoping that we'll be able to go forward to construction.


We want to build to a high standard of sustainability both for environmental reasons and to keep running costs low. We plan to create highly energy efficient homes with a low environmental footprint.


As well as private homes for families, couples and individuals, there are shared facilities that are integral to a cohousing community - encouraging interactions and a genuine sense of neighbourliness.

By having shared space and shared facilities, we will all benefit from those resources and reduce the need for owning all these things individually.

Our plans include:

  • A common house and kitchen where we can cook and share meals, and where group activities and celebrations can take place

  • Multipurpose spaces where children can play, or homeworkers can hot desk

  • A laundry, to save every household owning a washing machine

  • A workshop, complete with tools which everyone can use

  • Guest rooms, which residents can reserve if they have overnight visitors

  • A cycle store, to keep our bikes safe

  • Pool cars for residents to use

  • A communal garden, where neighbours can meet and children can play safely

  • An allotment near to Angel Yard, which can be used as a space to relax, socialise and grow food together.

Our plans

Plans for project

Find out more


We’ll be updating our website as plans for Angel Yard develop. In the meantime, take a look through our FAQS to find out more details about our properties, facilities, finance and sustainability.

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