What stage is our project at?


We own the site of Angel Yard. We’ve employed a developer and an architect, and now we’re entering the planning stages of our custom-build housing project.


As we start the design process, we’re looking for new members to join our cohousing community, to help us shape the neighbourhood and decide how we develop our new home.

Where is our site?


Angel Yard is in Norwich, a medieval city in the East of England, UK. Norwich is 90 minutes away from London by train and 30 minutes' drive from the nearest beach.


Our half-acre site (approx. 0.2 hectares) is on Sussex Street, a Georgian and Victorian residential area, just a short walk from the city centre. It used to be home to Sussex House but, following bomb damage, it became a mason’s yard and then an industrial unit.


The site is a short walk from the River Wensum and Marriott’s Way, an off-road cycle and foot path. It’s close to Magdalen Street, a vibrant area with a rich mix of independent shops and cafes. There’s a zero-waste store, vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, record and vintage shops, charity shops and supermarkets.

The professionals


We’re creating a sustainable place to live with the support of TOWN, developers of the award-winning Marmalade Lane cohousing community in Cambridge. 


We’ve been working closely to plan Angel Yard’s development with TOWN’s Head of Community Partnering Frances Wright, who is a resident of Marmalade Lane and a group member director of the UK Cohousing Network.


In 2020 we appointed Archio as our project architects, and we will be working with community-led housing experts Mellis Haward and Kyle Buchanan, to draw up site plans and obtain further permission for our build.


We’re still in the planning stages, so - excitingly - there’s still time for new members to make key decisions about the way Angel Yard will look and function, and to influence the design of individual properties.


The exact number of homes being created has not been finalised but we’re planning to custom-build around 30, one to four bedroom residences.

Our homes and shared buildings will be built to the highest sustainability criteria possible. We plan to use sustainably-sourced materials to create highly energy efficient homes with a low environmental footprint.


As well as private homes for families, couples and individuals, there are shared facilities that we feel are integral to a cohousing community.

So far, our plans include:


  • A common house and kitchen where we can cook and share meals, and where group activities and celebrations can take place

  • Multipurpose spaces where children can play, or homeworkers can hot desk

  • A laundry, to save every household owning a washing machine

  • A workshop, complete with tools which everyone can use

  • Guest rooms, which residents can reserve if they have overnight visitors

  • A cycle store, to keep our bikes safe

  • A car share scheme, to reduce the number of cars on site

  • A communal courtyard, where neighbours can meet and children can play safely

  • An allotment near to Angel Yard, which can be used as a space to relax, socialise and grow food together.

Our plans


Find out more


We’ll be updating our website as plans for Angel Yard develop. In the meantime, take a look through our FAQS to find out more details about our properties, facilities, finance and sustainability.

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