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Our mission


Together, we’re creating a diverse, sustainable cohousing community in Norwich, to enrich lives and improve wellbeing through cooperation, respect and kindness to people and the planet.


Our journey so far


Our first members came together in 2015 when we bought our site, complete with planning permission. After a few technical hitches, we’ve regrouped with a fresh sense of purpose and our membership has started to grow.


Working with TOWN, developers of the award-winning Marmalade Lane cohousing community in Cambridge, we appointed Archio as our project architects in 2020. 


Our members have worked closely with both TOWN and Archio to produce plans that we feel are both viable and that meet our brief. It's been a journey! We are delighted to say that in June 2022 we submitted a full planning application for our scheme.

Video of our site and the local area

Angel Yard History

The plan for a cohousing project in Norwich started longer ago than many care to remember. For those who aren't familiar with the evolution of Angel Yard here's a potted history.

Join our group

Angel Yard’s current members are a growing, intergenerational mix of working and retired people, from Norwich, Cambridge, London and further afield.


We’re seeking to build a diverse, multigenerational community of families, partners and individuals, who are socially and environmentally-minded.


Think you’d fit the mix? We’d love to meet you. 

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