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What’s been happening at Angel Yard?

This blog is an occasional message to let members and anyone else interested know what has been happening with the Angel Yard project over the last few weeks.

The client brief

In this first part of the year we have been revisiting the client brief with our series of Zoom members' meetings. The client brief is a document that outlines the needs and goals for Angel Yard. Not everything will be achievable but it sets out the ideas of the group to present to planners, architects etc.

The brief was originally produced in 2018 and the current meetings have looked at:

  • Home design

  • The Common house

  • The shared outdoor space

  • Parking and travel

  • Sustainability

  • Accessibility

We still have areas to cover and so if you are a member and haven’t been to a meeting do come along and have your say. If you’re not a member why not join us? The meetings are on the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month.

Steering group

As well as the members meetings, the steering group - consisting of longterm members Cathy, Christine, Gill, Julie, Lucy, Peter, Richard & Stephen - has been meeting weekly. Our focus over the last few weeks has been around the finances of the scheme, and we have sought advice from our lawyers to make sure that everything is done correctly. We’ve also been looking at the staging of payments for the purchase of homes, and prioritisation of choice of home.

Already having ownership of the Angel Yard site is a big plus for the group. The next stage is to work with architects and planners to design Angel Yard and submit our planning application. We will be starting work with our architects at our meeting scheduled for early June.

A chance to meet up in person

With the easing of lockdown our social secretary, Julie, has sprung into life and organised a socially distanced outdoor evening at the Raveningham sculpture trail 'Woodland Lumiere'. It was chilly but the rather good cafe there helped with hot drinks and carbohydrates. It didn’t rain and it was great to meet up in 3D (not Zoom)!

With the cold dry spring things are moving slowly on the allotment at the moment. But, with the last few days of rain and warmer weather promised it should really take off shortly So, if you’re at a loose end on a Wednesday between 11.00 and 3.00 why not come along to Allotment Plots 107 - 108, Valpy Ave, Norwich NR3 2EW (opposite house No. 35). Call or text Christine on 07979 746780 to let her know you are coming. Christine is often there on other days so give her a call if you’re free another time.

There's a lot going on

The exciting bit, working with the architects to make a beautiful, diverse, intergenerational, sustainable cohousing community in Norwich, is taking off. For some members this has been a decade or more in the making. Now is a great time to get involved so if you’re reading this and aren’t already but would like to be, follow the link to find out more about Angel Yard:


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